The Secret to Smooth Sleevelees-worthy Underarms

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Let’s talk about one of the hush topics of most women, it’s dark underarms.

Been working lately with Aryana Skin and Beauty and got to try their services. During this time, I was also also fortunate to talk to those who have availed their Diode packages, and made a quick list of the most common concern, which are A) permanently get rid of unwanted hair B) lighten dark underarms.

We all know, that the causes dark underarms are shaving and plucking that irritates the skin. Other reasons are because of hormones from pregnancy and skin that was stretched due to weight gain. Those who were born before the 90s know that the tools and remedies for hair-free underarms are limited. I got a feedback from one of the clients that women of today are lucky to have this kind of technology. Because it’s fast, easy, effective and way more inexpensive than when it was first offered in the Philippines

During my discussion with the Aesthetic Nurses, we categorized the common issues and how to address them

1. Unwanted Hair

It was recommended that before any lightening session,  consider removing the root of the problem with Soprano Diode Laser Hair Removal.

How is it different from other laser machines? Diode is virtually painless, there are a lot of Diode machines out there, and personally, I believe Soprano is the best I’ve tried.

2. Dark Underarms

There are things that needs to be assessed, what are the cause for dark underarms, is it pigmentation or just needs a little bit of exfoliation?

Aryana Skin and Beauty Offers remedies for both. Clients can avail their Diamond Peel for the underarms to gently exfoliate the skin or a series of RevLite treatments that renews the skin and targets pigmentation.

They will be offering Revlite Promo this July 2017 and this promo should not be missed.

Aryana Skin and Beauty is a skin care, laser and slimming center located at P.Guevarra in San Juan City. To know more about their services please

Check back soon for more reviews


Beijing, China in 4 Days

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The last minute travel to Beijing, China finally happened. If you are the type who doesn’t like to walk fast and would like to spend at least half a day to appreciate the scenery, this is not for you. The destinations are far from each other and the traffic can get really bad any time of the day.

We booked a private tour while still in the Philippines through I Book and Fly Travel and Tours to make our travel faster. Beijing is a big city and one of the most populated cities in the world, locals would use public transportation, walk or travel by bike. But if you don’t know the streets, it can get very confusing and dangerous, especially that there crazy drivers out there. We’ve seen a lot of cars crossing a busy intersection at full speed even on a red light, I noticed that the most of the drivers there don’t even use signal lights. Though there are a dozen cameras in installed in every corner, there are still a lot of crazy drivers out there, so be careful.

To summarize our itinerary,

Day 1 (Thursday Afternoon) and Arrival Day we decided to visit the places that gets packed during weekends. We visited the Imperial City and the Forbidden City. After the tour, we decided to walk around the neighborhood of our hotel.

Day 2 ( Friday) We did the Countryside Tour since we were told by our guide that the local Chinese people would normally visit the countryside during weekends and can be extremely traffic if we visited on a weekday. Our itinerary include a trip to the beautiful Summer Palace and a short trek to 1 part of the Great Wall of China. We stopped over at the usual “pharmacy visit” and “shopping tour” to the Jade Factory before heading home.

**Tip** If you want more time for yourself after the scheduled tour, just say NO, THANK YOU to the salespeople at the mandatory stops or buy the most basic thing you like and head out. They usually know when you are interested, if you take more than 15 mins looking around, then they will encourage you to see the items.

Day 3  (Saturday) We did the Downtown Tour and visited the Tiananman Square. The Temple of Heaven and did the mandatory stop to the Chinese tea house before our artwork and bargain shopping.

Day 4 (Sunday) If you can wake up early, there are many small parks where you can visit. Make sure to alot 3 hours travel to the airport as there is incredible inescapable traffic to the airport.

Will blog about the following topics, stay tuned…

  1. The Great Wall of China
  2. Getting Around Beijing City
  3. What and Where to Eat in Beijing City
  4. Summer Palace
  5. The Imperial City and Forbidden City
  6. The Mandatory Shopping Stops

Applying for a China Visa for Philippine Passport Holders

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Well, the long weekend is just around the corner and for some of us who were able to plan a month in advance, can enjoy a short weekend trip to great Asian cities like, Beijing!


My pops always wanted to go here and we’re finally going. This is not our first time in China, but our old Visas had already been used which means its time to apply for new visas for the entire family.

Recently, I was informed that the application forms should be 100% typewritten. All blank items should be marked with N/A otherwise, this will not be accepted ( we missed one and we had to reapply 1 visa application with only less than 2 weeks left)

For First-time China Visa Application, you will need the following requirements.

A) Bank Certificate of Deposit Balance(including the past 6 months bank statement) and the receipt for payment of this certificate;

B) BIR-stamped Income Tax Return Form;

C) Certificate of Employment(detailing the salary and the length of employment );

D) Business Registration Certificate(if you are the owner);

E) Professional ID/Student ID (if applicable);

F) Other relevant documents proving the applicant’s economic condition/ employment/study, or supporting the applicant’s travel to China, or explaining the travel purpose (if applicable)

G) Completely filled application form (typewritten with passport photo in white background)

For those with Previous Chinese Visa, the process is more simple. Just submit the following requirements –

A) Old and New Passport with the old China Visa

B) Copy of your Previous China Vis

C) Completely filled application form (typewritten with passport photo in white background)

**bonus** I tried to request for a 2 year China Visa with multiple entries for my parents. Fortunately, my pop’s application was approved. He got 2 years multiple entry while my mother was issued a multiple entry visa for 1 year. I think, the reason for the approval is based on how many times one has entered China. My pop for example, traveled to China for more than 8x within 3 years. My mother, traveled less. It may also help if you submit the old and new passport for the embassy to review, I think they will check all the visas issued, if stamped or not.

Make sure to apply at least a month in advance, just to give ample time for hiccups along the way 😛 we needed the extra time because of the missing (n/a) in one of the application forms. Good thing, we still have around 2 weeks left before the trip.

Submit all the requirements and payment to the Chinese Embassy and return to pick-up after 3-4 days. Or if you are a bit nervous due to the limited time, you can get the help from your trusted travel agencies. For an additional P300 per application, you wont have to do anything else, but to wait for the passports with the visa.

Download the application here:

And read about other details here:

Watch out for my Beijing photo blog! Excited to see the Great Wall, The Forbidden City, Summer Palance and to eat the authentic Peking Duck! Yey!

Dumaguete – Apo Island Travel Guide


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Last November, traveled local to experience what Dumaguete has to offer 🙂 This is customized trip which I planned based on where we want to8 go. There are so many places to discover in this province, and is near other provinces like Bacolod, Siquijor and Cebu. For a quick weekend getaway, start with Apo Island and Bais Bay.

Took a plane ✈ and landed at the only airport in Dumaguete Province. We booked our accommodation via Airbnb. We were actually thrilled that Airbnb was available. We stayed at Sunny’s Place, which is just 15mins from the airport via tricycle and 10 mins away from the city. It is managed by a Korean, apparently there are a lot of Koreans in Dumaguete City who are studying English in the university.

Since most of our activities should be done in the morning and my companions are coming from Cebu . I took a tricycle to the city, explored the place and planed our trip to Apo Island an Bais (Ba-Is).

What I like about traveling in Dumaguete, there is one straight road in and out the city, everywhere in town is accessible via tricycle 🙂 at a cheap price of P10! Luckily, we went there during a Holiday weekend and there was no traffic.

Had my dinner at the nearby bed and breakfast place Gabby’s BNB. I like they ambiance of the place, beach vibe and they serve full all-day breakfast meals which I like. Tapsilog all day 🙂

Day 1 – Apo Island and the Pawikans


Started the day really early and for good reasons. You’ll read everywhere that the sightings of Pawikans are better on early the day. The water is clearer, there are leess crowds and the current os manageable. So we set off to the Bus Station in town, bought our tickets and headed south of Dumaguete where we can ride a boat ⛵ to Apo Island.

Bus fare is cheap, and they arrive and leave every 15mins.Talk about efficient transportation!

To reach Apo Island. You’ll take a bus going south of Dumaguete where there is a dock with boats that can take you to the island. It trip was easy and just took 30mins. The tourist help desk are organized. There is a fixed rate per boat, you just need tp arrange what time you wish to leave the island.

Also, the island doesn’t have a lot of food options. If you want, there are canteens inland where you can buy food to take with you to the island.

(tip) buy water and snacks

The boat ride will take 30mins…so, if you rode the bus at 7am, expect to arrive the island at 8 to.8:30 am. It’s already considered late, especially during tourist season. You don’t want to spend the day with all the Chinese tourist…which we usually arrive in largw groups in summer.

We payed some fees and as a requirement, we had to hire a guide for the Apo Island experience. They are local townspeople and they are very involved in toursim and the protection of their biodiversity. Apo Island is a protected area sponsored by Silliman University.

Once we were done with orientation, we were guided to an area where we see other tourist snokling and exploring.

Dip your head right in, start walking and see the amazing pawikans in their natural habitat, mostly eating seaweeds! It’s that easy. You dont need to swim to see them.

We arrived at 9 ish and we took the entire morning snokling. There are other fishes to see and we just went up shore when we got hungry. The guides are very knowledgeable with handling your sports camera and taking the best shots and angels…no need to worry.

The rule is, do not touch the animals. plain simple! especially the pakiwans, you dont want to be responsible for their demise, right? The go up to take in air, if you hinder them from swimming up, you might drown them. Word of caution, just hands off please!

When you are done with swimming, we suggest you walk around and explore the island, mangroves and the community.

Head back to shore and take the same bus back to the city 🙂

Check back for photos and part 2 of my Dumeguete blog!

Aryana Skin and Beauty – Pristine Diamond Peel Review

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Beauty is everyone’s business. At an early curious age, I tried so many things from medicated systems, treatments and cosmetics – from powder, creams, BB cream and minerals.. I’ve tried them all! With all life has to offer in my 30 years of existence, it definitely shows on my skin (sad, but true!)

Took the worst toll when I had the most stressful time (to date). I broke out so bad, and no amount of make-up can cover the fact that there was visible acne on my face. It was a turning point wherein I said that I should do something about it. I stuck with a regiment that worked, it zapped my pimples but left some areas of my skin DRY. I never had dry skin, I had oily skin (the oiliest!) for the longest time. But as we age, our body changes…from oily, I now have combination skin.

I had a chance to try Pristine Diamond Peel as a complementary service sometime ago. It gave me a powder-fresh finish as promised and gently exfoliated my face using a vacuum wand with diamond tips. Upon doing my research, I found great reviews about this online and how it was different from other kinds of peeling process. I had my fair share with Obagi (which I regret now), a chemical peel that removed my skin’s natural protection from the sun, which is the reason for my beauty marks or freckles. The freckle-trend has picked-up this time, but with a thin line of defense, my face will age faster and is more prone to skin disease.

Moving on with my Power of Pristine review 🙂

With so many clinics offering Pristine Diamond Peel, I had to go with price and convenience. I purchased Aryana Skin and Beauty discounted vouchers via

It’s a steal at 50% off and comes with a deep cleansing Aryana Signature Facial.

What I like about this Aryana Skin and Beauty and their Pristine Diamond Peel –

  1. The location is near my place, very accessible and central as it’s located in San Juan City. Plus it’s a food destination, so one can grub and get pampered after 🙂
  2. The ambiance is really relaxing, and you can consult with their in-house Derma Doctor free of charge. Everyone is just super friendly and you immediately feel at home. Other clinics will charge me P500 and up and they usually sell me products and injectables and will charge me additional for services conducted by their derma.
  3. The treatment comes with a deep cleaning Aryana Facial and I opted not to have my active pimples pricked.
  4. The interesting part of this process is that normally, a traditional facial will require squeezing of pores! This is probably the most painful process of any facial treatment, the squeezing! (ooze…) BUT…BUT…, Aryana has a different technique, they use a sterile vacuum wand that sucks all the impurities. I can see my essences getting picked-up my the nozzle and I am just amazed! This process will take around 15mins and it literally picks up the white heads with less pain than the traditional method.
  5.  After the cleansing comes the exfoliating, and this involves a elegant white machine with a vacuum wand. Not everyone knows this but the machine can exfoliate other body parts as well. The wands have interchangeable tips for this purpose. But on this particular deal, I got to try 2 tips. One for the face and next and a smaller one for the gentle parts of the face like eye area area.
  6. As a bonus, they include passing the wand to your neck!
  7. The best thing about this service is that you get to see results! from your nasty essences collected on the glass nozzle to the exfoliated impurities from the Pristine vacuum wand. Your face will get vacuumed 2x not just 1x which explains the power-fresh texture after the treatment 🙂



Like this offer? Get vouchers at a limited time at Deal Grocer


Aryana Skin and Beauty has an on-going Facebook Contest. All you need to do is to Like, Share their Post with a comment and you get to win full services worth P8,000



Atmos Fit Elite – Smart Fitness Band Review

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Will make this quick and easy for everyone. Sharing my personal review of the Atmos Fit Elite. I will try to be as detailed as possible. It’s a simple device, I’m sure you can figure it out, if not then ask away! (Photos uploaded)

Packaging and content

It’s pretty straight-forward. The box comes with the clip charger (not USB charger like the first gen Atmos Fit), a manual and the fitness band.

Instructions are too simple and will you will rely on yourself to figure out how to use the app and other features. If you are “tamad” like me, i just snapped it on with me and thinker with it to find out how to use it.

The Fitness Band

When not in sync, you will not find the bluetooth icon on screen, but it can still work in telling you the time, and works great as a pedometer.

When in sync with bluetooth, the heart rate monitor automatically detects and records your heart rate. Syncing with bluetooth will also allow  you to download or “syncing” the recorded data to the APP.


I downloaded the APP at Google Play store, search for the Atmos Fit APP, look for the logo and download.

Here are some clips from the APP. Let’s be organized and do it per screen, shall we?




Start by updating your personal information, configure what you want your atmos to do for you. Most of the features you’ll find here can only work when you’re bluetooth is on and your device is synced to your phone.

My Device – Noticed that the Bluetooth Icon is used here, meaning the functions can work with Bluetooth ON.






The Lost Function – Helps you find your phone, but will only work if your phone is not on silent mode. Works with Bluetooth ON.

Posture Reminder – Alerts you on your specified duration and can work even if not synced to your device.

Onscreen time – allows you to set the display time anywhere from 2s to 15s only.

Find Band – by clicking this function allows you to locate your band by setting it’s alert function. Works with Bluetooth ON.

Once you’re happy with the settings, do not forget to confirm the details. Moving on…

Push Message – Only if you want to be notified by accessing the fitness band’s alert function.

Call reminder – You get alerts on your Atmos band and displays the name or number of the caller.

SMS Reminder – You get alerts on your Atmos band and displays name or number of the sender.

There are many other push notification functions, but come on, do you really want to be constantly bugged by the digital world? Works with Viber, Messenger etc…

Shake to Take Selfie – pretty straightforward, probably the same function as a bluetooth remote to your device on a selfie stick.

Moving on with the features…

There is no information anywhere in the App’s Help Center that tells you how to do it. To sync your Atmos data to your phone, just simply swipe or drag screen down. It will buffer and save the recorded data 🙂 Took me an entire day to figure this out.


Works as a pedometer and records your steps, distance, calorie burn and even notifies if the sync is successful or not – records daily, weekly and monthly.

There are useful graphs wherein it shows how many steps you made throughout the day. It’s nice to see which time of the day you are most mobile 🙂

There is a location function on the upper right but not sure if it works. So this is something you have to discover for yourself. The location is not right, it pins me to another continent and I can’t seem to update it to move to my exact location…so…moving on…


This is mainly why I wanted to buy the Atmos band, being a Psychology person, I thought it was cool to know how many hours you are in deep sleep(REM). I was so curious how the Atmos band records this, I know its not perfect, but it’s smart enough to detect when you are in Deep Sleep, Light Sleep and counts how many times you have awaken from sleep.

I works when you wear your band, if you don’t, it doesn’t record anything. it’s that smart! (hahaha! I do get questions that made me laugh, really…Sorry but it will not work unless you put it on! kapeesh?)

My theory is if you don’t move, it starts count of sleep. If you don’t move for a long period, it records as deep sleep…if you move a little, records as light sleep. If you stand up, walk around, it counts as awake period.

Same as the **Step** feature, the device notifies if the sync is successful or not – records daily, weekly and monthly.

**Heart Rate**

The added feature! Wasn’t really expecting to get the Atmos Fit Elite band on the day of purchase, I was already happy with the first gen band. This feature works with Bluetooth ON. I am not sure what the graphs and trends are for but it automatically records your heart rate regularly within the day, for as long as Bluetooth is ON. If not, it will not record anything.

Unlike the **Step & Sleep** feature, it has a different interface. It records daily and has a calendar to tract your history record.

Others Details

The Battery Life – The box says 10-15 days. I  got mine on March 14. The unit already is precharged, but I charged it anyway for a few minutes until I got 100%  To date, the battery is still half-full, but I don’t use Bluetooth that often. So, depends on how you use it…

If there are other things you want to ask, will try my best to answer.

Got my Atmos Fitness Elite from Kimstore (by surprise! At that time, the new version was not yet advertised online> I was just informed by my favorite TechnoPop staff that it’s new and Kimstore was offering a new version with new features with the same price).

**Not Paid to Write, I bought my Atmos Fit Elite from Kimstore at P890**


Have you ever encounter this feeling that you have been disconnected with everything then suddenly realizing what’s happening with the world around you is not how you want it to be?

Busy is not an excuse to find what you are meant to do in this world. Just have to set a goal and go for it. Being sidetracked can be good sometimes, but once you feel like the world is sucking the life out of you, that’s where you stop to assess the situation. Is this what you want for life?

Well, took a 2 year downtime from blogging and now, I am back, to find my happy space!